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Plastic toy shopping skill: one look at two smell three try

Now the toys are mostly plastic material, unqualified plastic toys will over the lack of cognition of children's health have an impact, which requires parents to polish eyes, choose qualified toys for children. "One look at the three tries" can help us pick out the trusty plastic toys.
A see: when consumer is buying toys for children to pay attention to the identification of tags on or toy packaging, whether to indicate the manufacturer, suitable age group, security warnings, standards, product certification, etc. The selection of domestic plastic toys should be stamped with the 3C certification mark and the national standard "GB6675". Select imported plastic toys to see if they have the 3C certification mark and inspection and quarantine certificate. In addition, the choice of plastic toys is best according to the age of children.
Smell: when you buy toys, you can unpack them to smell the pungent smell and refuse to buy any toys with pungent smell. Some plastic toys, on the surface of the paint process, did not use environmental protection paint or use some benzene, xylene, ethylbenzene thinner, resulting in a pungent smell.
Try to see if there are small parts when looking at toys. If plush toy, can use the hand to try the plastic eye of toy, plastic nose can be pulled down easily, prevent the child to swallow or inhale to cause suffocation; Plastic toys, you can use your hand to try the edge of the toy, cutting edge sharp. A small number of inferior toys are lightly scratched, the coating (paint or paint) may fall off, such toys are determined not to buy.
Plastic toys are children's growing friends, its quality problems should be taken seriously. In addition, small make up remind parents, in general, legitimate business of plastic toys products will be more assured quality, it is recommended that you had better watch out for when choosing toys manufacturer's information.