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Safety standards for plastic toys?

3 May not appear in the plastic toys for children under the age of smaller than the population of easy disassembly parts there is still a sign of the wholesale market is not complete, no age warning problem to buy plastic toys to look for the age warning symbol, pay attention to Chinese signs and instructions about children's plastic toys safety problem has never been so are pushed to the forefront of public opinion. This summer and autumn, the rising technology barriers and environmental protection warnings in Europe and the us have alarmed the Chinese toy industry. And 14 August and September 5, America's biggest toymakers mattel twice worldwide recall 28 million toys made in China, more called "history's largest recovery action". Although mattel has apologised to China on September 21, admit the quality problem of the toys recalled by "is our design flaws, not the problem of Chinese manufacturers", but the incident, was enough to make Chinese toy companies alert and profound reflection. In China, accidents related to the quality and safety of children's toy products have also occurred in recent years. There are various indications that the upgrading of the Chinese toy industry and enhancing the safety performance of the products are extremely urgent.
In addition, the consumer when buying children product, also should put an end to blindness. Relevant law enforcement departments need to strengthen the enforcement of the market for children's plastic toys, and "create" a truly reassuring and reassuring market for consumers.
Childhood without toys is unimaginable. And if toys don't have security, it's scary for children. Fortunately, in recent times, the "hoop" on the toy manufacturer's head has tightened. On September 1 this year, the 3C certification of toy products was officially implemented, and toys that had not obtained 3C certification were banned from the market. On September 4, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine (aqsiq) officially promulgated and implemented the regulations on the management of children's toys recall, which clearly stipulated that the producer was the first person responsible for the defective children's toys. On the National Day, the national toy technical safety code was formally implemented, and the safety performance requirements for children's plastic toys were made more strictly according to different age stages.
With this series of policy "foreshadowing", are the toys sold in the market more standard, more reassuring?
According to the daily economic news "and other media reports, the revised" standard of national toy technology security ", according to the different age stages, the safety of the children's toys made more stringent performance requirements, applicable to all toys given to children under the age of 14. According to the specification, the manufacturer must grade children's toys according to age, and label them with age warning. For toys suitable for children under 3 years old, the new standard special increased security requirements, such as toys, may not be there in less than a certain size (about population size) of easy disassembly parts, in order to avoid children to cause choking and suffocation risk into mouth. For toys that are suitable for children over 8 years of age, they should be labeled with age groups for children over 8 years old.The new standards, from the beginning to the implementation, really need a process.
Buy children's toys most parents were still blindly although for now, the mall product safety is guaranteed, but for most of the working class, frequently hundreds of yuan toys or too much luxury. So where should the children's toys be bought?
"The new standards have been implemented, but there are still a few consumers who pay special attention to whether toys meet the new standards." One of the shop assistants said that the main focus of parents was style and price, and safety was second.
Some experts point out that because of the variety of toys, functions and materials, it is difficult for people to fully understand the safe use of toys. In addition, toys are mainly used for children, because the children have low self-protection level and the awareness is limited by age, so the ability to grasp toy safety is also relatively weak.
Who is responsible for the safety of children's toys? "Of course, toy manufacturers are the first, and the day-to-day regulation of the relevant functional departments is essential." People familiar with the situation said that the toy industry in our country is mainly township and individual enterprises, and the small, messy and miscellaneous production enterprises are the main reasons for the failure of the quality of some toys. He called on authorities to step up day-to-day enforcement of children's toys. At the same time, he suggested that the parents when the choose and buy toys, as far as possible to the quality reputation is guaranteed shopping place to buy, and pay attention to the signs and instructions in Chinese toys, "instructions shall include at least: product name, production producer name and address, contact phone number, as well as the main material or component, executive standard code, suitable age range, warnings, etc."
Once a head of a toy company told me: if you're not smart enough, you're not qualified to play with toys. Here I would like to add 1, back to our toys manufacturers and dealers: if your products are lack of the love of children, the lack of a unique design concept, then you may never touch in the future market of "frame".