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Honing toy spray oil treatment technology

The oil injection process can be divided into air injection, high-pressure airless spray oil and electrostatic spray oil. In the toy production process commonly used is the air gush oil, often called spray oil.
1. The process flow of oil injection production: the process flow of the manual injection production process includes the surface pretreatment of the plastic parts and the paint diluting, oil spraying, drying, cleaning, inspection, packaging and warehousing.
The process flow of manual injection production is as follows: first, the surface pretreatment of the sprayed plastic parts or alloy parts, namely the workpiece, ensures that the workpiece can be well adhered to the paint; Select suitable paints and solvents according to the characteristics of the workpiece, and make the toy paint to be used; Adjust the hand spray gun, first use the hand spray gun to test several times, until the required effect; The injection mould and the workpiece are fitted to determine the spraying position. After spraying oil, place the workpiece according to the appropriate method, let the natural wind blow dry and become the spray oil semi-finished product; Finally, on the cleaning process, and check whether qualified, qualified semi-finished products packing into semi-finished products warehouse, in accordance with requirements of injection effect is not qualified artifacts depending on different levels, corresponding to fill with oil or oil or spray treatment.
1. According to the number of color patterns, the manual spraying process should be formulated with no less than one working procedure for each color;
2, according to glue an error condition and design requirement for injection process, in general, plastic pieces form a error more than 0.05 ~ 0.1 mm, the clear pattern edges is not clear, if you want, should consider to use more effective method to control the glue, or consider to open procedure, on a form and position errors or pad printing instead;
3. According to the durability of the oil injection mould, the manual spraying process should be formulated. When the two patterns in the same process are separated by an hour, the process should be considered, so that the manual injection mold is durable and not easily broken.
4, when the injection location is less than 180 °, with piece; When fuel injection location is greater than 180 °, with die;

5. When the two surface cones are small and the design requirements are high, the process should be considered in order to avoid erasing the flowers.