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Some common problem solutions for enamelling mold

4-1, all the glue, the coating of the glue is thick and thin, why?
4-1-1. The mold is not uniform because of the coating, and the mold itself is thick and thin.
4-1-2, if it is the thick part of the rubber mold itself, the coating will be thin, due to the thickness, low temperature, and the lack of glue, the glue is too thin.
4-1-3, if it is the thin part of the plastic coating itself, it will be soft and thick, because the mold is thin, the temperature is high, and the rubber paddle is easy to be cooked, causing the glue to be too thick.
How to fix this problem?
4-2-1, if it is too thin, the coating is too thick, and it will be coated with a sheet of iron to reduce the temperature.
4-2-2. If it is too thick, it is not easy to make the plastic parts thin and thin. The thickness of the coating is as high as the thickness of the coating, and the thickness of the coating is the same.
How to solve the gluing parts?
5-1, improve the enamelling furnace temperature.
5-2, extend the time of glue.
Key points:
To follow up and verify the following matters:
1. Oil injection time
2. Generous time (fatigue, physiological rating, usually 20% of fuel injection time.
3. Standard working hours =1+1+4.
4. Wash mold time, and wash mold subscale (usually how many times to spray oil),
5. Proportion and dosage of oil and water.
The proportion is generally: black oil 1:1= black oil: open oil water.
White oil 1:1, 2= white oil: open oil.
General oil such as yellow, red, and orchid ratio 1:1, 7.
6. Production balance -- platoon.
Standard working hours
Production operations and procedures - requirements/precautions,
7. Improvement of operation process, improvement of working mode and the role of container (add fixture)
Note: 1 litre of oil can be loaded with 7 guns.
8. Decorative appearance
9. Prenatal estimation ability, oil spraying cuo load, use of paint dosage, calculation of production capacity - can you follow the delivery date - how much workers.
Hard glue oil water A580A day which water ring ethyl ketone prevent white water 414 (erasing oil)
Soft gel open oil and water A760 wash water 563 butanone (MEK)
Acetone -- butanone plus wash water.
Soft spray oil can be used to clean oil and water,
Can you use soft glue to clean oily water?
ABS is immersed in the MEK ---ABS (emulsion).
* spray oil on a rainy day should be added to the paint with cycloethyl ketone.
The oil color is hoarse to increase the color brilliance on the surface of the hoarse oil color part of a house ring ethyl ketone.
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