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The main purpose of the coating and its production process

According to the characteristics of the coating, it is mainly used to produce all kinds of plastic toys. It's like a plastic barbie doll, an underwater world toy and so on.
Due to the quality of the rubber toys suitable for mass production, the market is full of plastic toys, full of consumer eyeballs. Generally, it is the price to win, and to go is the form of circulation. There are fewer brands in China, and the more famous brands now have the world of cool lulu and baby park. Due to evade glue production process is simple, there are unqualified quality products on the market, when consumer is buying evade glue toys, should carefully identify, such as the smell of the product, there is no smell, good evade glue product and poor quality of the product may have a pungent smell. For everyone's health, it is recommended that you choose some brands to buy.
So far a lot of people think evade glue is a kind of material, at this point, it is necessary to literacy, actually evade glue, is a kind of manufacturing process, due to the special manufacture process, lead to material added some don't, also caused the feel is different, everyone feels like ordinary PVC toys, in turn, the cognizance of error, evade glue is the name of the material.
Evade glue craft, is in the prototype surface layers and layers of lane on copper (may also have other metal, as to process, temporarily don't know), and then a layer of copper is formed of a simple metal mould, and then to PVC paste resin (also said with PVC particles), plus a variety of plasticizer adjustment process such as hardness, the formation of a state of emulsion, then pour just set of metal mold, the mold on the fire roast, kept turning, make its heated evenly, and then take out cooling, mould products. Generally speaking, the product that produces hollow molding is given priority to, and because it is made with PVC paste resin, paste resin is more delicate than ordinary PVC resin, so the feeling will be different. This process a more normal metal mould, the cost is low, making convenient, no pressure, but the downside is process and mushy PVC liquidity is not very good, make very sophisticated products.
Production requirements:
1, evade glue
1-1. Reference to the separation table
1-2. The color of the enamel should be done to the office, (2 minutes of the coating time)
1-3, glue parts can not have a mixed point, raw glue, bubbles, and scratches, deformation, and depression.
1-4. Clean the glue after the furnace.
2, the injection
2-1, the beer is not allowed to have the water grain, the bubble, the mixed color, the water is not neat, shrinkage, etc.
2-2. When the beer is going to the water port, it should be cut with water or made with a batch of the blade.
3, fuel injection,
3-1, no oil, no oil, no oil, no, no, no, no, no.
3-2. Color should be correctly handled.
The reason that the oil spray is produced: the glue before the spray is not clean and clean and greasy, the oil paints oil.
4. Paint appearance
4-1. The paint is not running/lustrous.
4-2, dumb color
4-3, flying oil/oil color crossing/not in place.
4-4. Dew/crack/bubble.
4-5, the process is less to do/drop the oil >4% (>4% when testing the boundary oil)
4-6, touch flowers/brush flowers.
4-7 paint pollution
4-8. Paint with foreign body.
4-9, peculiar smell
5. Printing appearance
5-1. Paint color is not to be done.
5-2, word (pattern) dislocation/shift/not in place.
5-3, blur/dislocation/hair/oil.
5-4, 4% off BBB 0 %/ chlorine bubble/crack.
5-5. Scratches/flowers.
5-6 ink stain.
5-7, less process (missing print)